Tour dates

Here you will find all of my upcoming tour dates. Outside of tour dates I am available for minimum two hour dates within an hour from Bristol, or a minimum of three hours UK wide.

February 2024

London - Tower Bridge / Southwark

27th 4pm - 10pm

28th 10am - 10pm

29th 10am-3pm

Duos available with Amalia Diya

March 2024


6th 4pm - 10pm

7th 10am - 10pm

8th 10am-10pm

9th 8am-10am

Duos and more available with Amalia Diya , Audrey Astor, Belle Connolly, and Nella Kitson

Oxford - Wolvercote

20th 4pm - 10pm

21st 10am - 10pm

22nd 10am-10pm

23rd 8am-10am

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Angelina Valla - Kinky London Escort

Photography: AT Glamour // Rachel Hardwick // Charlotte Douleur

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